Recording & Audio Production

I’m just starting to turn my music recording hobby into a professional service. This means you can get really high-quality stuff at an affordable price.

I’m still a learner, but I work doggone hard to get it right and give helpful feedback along the way. Listen to my work.

Audio Services

All the nitty-gritties of audio production, including recording, editing, and mixing.

  • Full band tracking (up to 8 microphones) 
  • Vocal demos
  • Spoken word
  • Recorded rehearsals
  • Live audio recordings
  • Field recording
  • Mixing and (basic) mastering
  • Podcasts
  • Music creation (original music for videos, podcasts, guided meditations, and more)

Gear and Toys Available


  • Fender Bassman 135 Head 
  • Fender Super Reverb 45 Combo
  • Music Man 65 head


  • 70's Orange 4x12
  • Home Made Electro Voice modeled 2x12 loaded with 2 EVM12L's
  • Fender 2x15
  • Electro Voice Style 15


  • 1976 Ludwig Vistalite
    • 24" Kick 14" Rack Tom 18" Floor Tom
  • 1970 Polaris
    • 20" Kick 12" Rack Tom 16" Floor Tom
  • 14x6.5" Black Beauty Snare
  • Weird Percussion Things
  • Dream Cymbals 24" Flat Ride, 22" Crash/Ride 15" Hi-Hats
  • 1960's Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare


  • Assortment of SM57 SM58 Beta 52 Kick and Rode NT4 stereo condenser   

Guitar Effects

  • Too many to name, notably Vintage Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Moogerfoogers, Strymon, Earthquaker Devices, Chase Bliss Audio and a lot of EAR Electronics

I use Logic Pro X on my fancy Mac with a Presonus FireStudio interface. I also have some guitars you could use if you wanted as well and a baritone and bass.

Ryan makes our small team of 3 people sound like we have a production team of 20. His ability to record and mix audio—and create all custom, analog music and effects from scratch—is unmatched in the industry. In the endless sea of podcasts, there is truly nothing like his sound.
— Kelsey Lundberg, storyteller for Strange Transmissions
Ryan brings an endless amount of positivity to an environment, social, professional, or otherwise. He’s intelligent, dedicated to whatever he’s involved in, and can get along with anyone he comes across.

Music is something Ryan lives for. Not only is he a creative and impeccable drummer, but that spaceship of a pedalboard is something he navigates well. His recording techniques are impressive and constantly improving, and his ability to create or repair effects pedals, and electronics of all kind, is a skill one doesn’t come across frequently.
— Max Boeke, Lions and Creators

Recording Space

My recording space is in my home right in the Twin Cities. It's got a quaint cabin-like feel. Perfect for when you crave the smell of cedar siding and wood burning in the fireplace, but can’t make the trip up north. 

When you need a break, just chat with the dogs, walk down to the lake, or drink a beer on the porch.