I'm always working on something weird and new. Here's a variety of the most recent audio projects I've recorded and engineered, from podcasts to punk rock to meditations. Enjoy!


Strange Transmissions

I produce a podcast with a couple friends about the strange things in life we can't always explain. My role is to do all the music, audio effects, studio recording, and sound engineering and editing. We also collaborate on the field recording, production, and storytelling. It's a lot of work and a true labor of love. Listen to more Strange Transmissions.



Muscle Beach

It's always weird recording your own band. Especially live tracking most of the songs. I was a mix of chords, drumsticks, headphones and monitors pilled around me, but I think the recordings turned out pretty great. 


It's a Wonder to See

Classical guitarist and lutenist Neal Shipe asked me to collaborate on his most recent project "It's a Wonder to See." His vision was to blend 17th century Scottish music with 21st century sound. I recorded and engineered the album as well as contributed sounds and effects, including: effected guitar, bass guitar, Fender Rhodes, xylophone, percussion, bowed cymbal, bowed bicycle wheel, whistling, effected voice and drones.



McVicker is a new band in the Twin Cities. I had the opportunity to help produce the album and offer suggestions to guide these newer musicians make some truly awesome recordings. Everyone needs a little Space Man Jones in their ears. 

dave copy.jpg

Quiet Pioneer

Dave Bilotta has the voice of an angel and genius song writing skills. We've collaborated on music for years. Recently, he asked me to record a few of his songs for his latest project, Quiet Pioneer. Here's one of the videos I put together.




Live and Recorded Meditations

I partner with a local energy practitioner to do live sound for group meditations as well as recorded meditations to share with her clients. It's honoring to put out sounds that help people ground, balance, and feel a little more at peace.



The Hand Soap Opera

I had the privilege of working with a good friend and incredible artist Samual Weinberg. He had the insane idea of turning the world of his paintings into an episode of a soap opera. He asked me to make some music for it. The result is hilarious, unnerving and just plain weird.