Pedals + Effects

My wife and I run a little guitar pedal and audio effect shop called EAR Electronics.

We hand-make pedals at our house in the woods and then invite local artists to dress up the boxes with one-of-a-kind artwork.

If you're in the market for new pedals and electronic effects, keep an eye on EAR Electronics to learn more about our pedals and see what’s for sale.

Gear Repair

If you have something that’s busted, don’t sweat! I'm always helping folks fix gear, modify effects, and explore the universe of sound to see what new things we can do.

Let me know what’s not working and I'll see if it's something we can fix.

Ryan is the first person any of us in Tiny Moving Parts hits up whenever we have gear issues. He has solved gear issues for us via pictures, texts, and phone calls when we’ve been on the road. He is always ready to help with whatever he can. He goes beyond just helping us with instrumental problems; he fixed the tour van with just YouTube tutorials guiding him.
— Dylan Mattheisen, Tiny Moving Parts

Crazy, Weird Mods

I also just do some crazy stuff with instruments and equipment, like wiring my xylophone with seven sets of piezo mics to round out my xylo-drum kit. I’m kinda like a mad scientist of music, so, if you’ve got some punk rock ideas, give me a shout.