I play the drums loud and fast. But I can play softly too if the mood is right. Contact me if you're looking for someone to lay down drums and percussion tracks on your next project.


Lions & Creators

Sometime when you sit in for a show you end up being in the band for a few years. This is an example of that. I met Tanner a few years before and, for the most part, had lost touch. I saw he needed a drummer for a show last minute, and I told him I could do it. Next thing I know I'm recording, releasing an album and touring with him. We added my good friend Max Boeke on bass and the rest is history. Tanner is incredible song writer and it has been a privilege working with him. 

Bandmates: Tanner Groehler, Max Boeke and featuring Jordan Morantez

Ryan possesses something that a lot of musicians at his level of skill often just don’t understand. Watching Ryan play some of our songs honest to god makes me believe in them more. He plays and creates at 100%, every single time - without fail. He is respectful, understanding, and comfortable in just about any environment.
— Tanner Groehler, Lions and Creators

It's a wonder to see

My good friend Neal Shipe is an incredible classical guitarist and lutenist. He had an idea to take some ancient Scottish lute manuscripts and re-work them into these contemporary pieces. Sometimes its not all about ripping the drums but just playing what's needed. I also played all the other sounds on these tracks with the exception of the main guitar parts. I can't wait to do a project like this again in the future. 

Bandmates: Neal Shipe

When nearly any project of mine comes up, Ryan is almost always the first person who comes to mind. Not only is he one of the most proficient and versatile drum kit players I’ve ever met, he is the most gear-knowledgeable person I know. Being a classical musician, I’m fairly tuned out of the vast amount of gear out there these days. Working with Ryan has been a God send. He knows his sound and he has helped me find mine along the way...I would definitely not be the musician I am today had I not met Ryan.
— Neal Shipe, classical lutist

Strange Transmissions Podcast

I do all the music and audio effects for Strange Transmissions. Here's an episode that's heavy on the drums.

Podcastmates: Erik Gruber, Kelsey Lundberg

It’s better than Birdman.
— Erik Gruber, producer for Strange Transmissions


My first real band in the since moving back to the Twin Cities. We are a raucous, rowdy fast, loud and oftentimes goofy band. We do a great job of not taking ourselves too seriously and still ripping. 

Bandmates: Trent Fast, Wes Gadd

Ryan puts the muscle in Muscle Beach. Fastest drums in the land.
— Trent Fast, Muscle Beach


Right after moving home from college, my friend Neal Shipe calls me up and wants to record some rock and roll tunes he's been writing while studying classical guitar. This is the result after just two afternoons of people coming in and out to record other instruments. We did it so fast. We didn't take much time to mix, but it still sounds pretty good. 

Bandmates: Neal Shipe and collaborations with Max Boeke, John Vichich, Blake Worthley, Davy Vail


Under Seige

Under Seige was a great, great manifestation of comedy, rock n' roll and Schmidt Animal Beers. Our one and only concept album is written entirely about 80's and 90's action movies ranging from Die Hard to Predator 2. With styles from black metal to reggae.  We were a staple in the Fargo music scene for a few years and we always had a good time. 

Members: Chris Marteny, Justin Bohmer and Bill Rohla

forgotten voices copy.jpg

Forgotten Voices

A rowdy good time. I played in a lot of basements with this band in my college years. Too many house parties to count. We had a lot of good times and made some good, punk-inspired folk music.

Bandmates: Ben Mahowald, Dustin Matke, Peter Mahowald, Roy Haberstick, Madison Karpan

sunrise susent.jpg


If only I had a time machine... I still feel like this is one of the most important projects I've been in. The recordings do not do it justice at all, but I couldn't have a page up about bands I've been in and not include this project. 

Bandmates: Davis Bonk, Troy Gion, Hanna Stevens, Jared "Nightfox" Winmil, Billy Chevalier, Maren Tunseth, Ross Hjelle, Tara Baker